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At Sutherland Shire Singing we are also passionate about...

Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter

Sutherland Shire Council Animal Shelter is a no kill animal shelter that houses stray dogs and cats found in the Sutherland Shire Council and City of Sydney local government area's. They re-home all animals that are not reclaimed by their owners after the required time period.

The animals looking for new homes are housed at their animal shelter until they find their new home. They have a very dedicated and caring team of staff and volunteers who love and care for the animals during their time at the shelter, no matter how long or short.

Adopt! Don't shop!

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Fish Don't Need Feet

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matt 5.jpg

This is Matt Lock, Seryna Jane's wonderful husband. Matt is a scuba diving instructor, and on the 24th August 2016 while filling up a scuba tank for a customer, it exploded next to him. Matt's right leg was severed, his left leg broken and his skull fractured.

Matt is passionate about diving and about sharing his passion with as many people as he can. Just 12 weeks after the accident Matt was back in the water diving and doing what he loves. His journey so far has been an inspirational and encouraging one! Matt has been invited to give motivation talks to schools and companies, and to share his thoughts and experiences on life, hardships and the importance of having goals that get you out of bed every day. Follow his journey on Instagram @fishdontneedfeet or click the button below.